How much does a private jet cost?

We have all wondered how much it cost to fly in a private jet. It would be a real bargain for a trip out of the ordinary, far from the eternal queues and noise of the flight in eco class. Informations :
Private jets have always been reserved for a certain social class. What is not the case today, because we can have the opportunity to take a private flight with a modest sum of 50 euros. Enjoy the luxury, quality of service and tranquility that are now at your fingertips. Whether for a business trip or a leisure trip, opt for a better quality according to your budget. The price depends mainly on the availability of the aircraft, the landing fees at the airport and the duration of the flight in question. For example, for a luxury trip and with a quality service, the rates can reach 5,000 to 10,000 euros. Among other things, the price of a round trip from Paris – Nice – Paris in a private jet with 4 seats is around 10,000 euros. The trip takes about an hour and a few minutes. For you to plan flights, charter companies give you the ability to see flight estimates and quotes online depending on the destination and the options you choose.

Airline rental online

There are several advantages in online plane rental. First of all, we offer you a Private Jet Charter or professional flight according to your needs. If you want to reach a particular destination that is not offered in the list of destinations of your airline, it’s quite convenient. In case you want to travel in groups (to play tourists, do a seminar, a team building, etc.), it is best to rent a private plane.
Online plane rental is also suitable for scheduled trips, as flights can be scheduled at any time. Booking on the net is a better option for professionals, travel agencies, sports clubs or large international companies.
The charter of an airplane is done in several stages. Above all, you need to know and familiarize yourself with the conditions and rules, know the right type of aircraft for your destination or choose a reliable and experienced airline. Then you will be able to determine the flight schedule, the correct airport and airport slots, so it’s about setting up the flight. And to have a unique trip, service providers offer the opportunity to their customers to customize their flights by allowing them to develop menus, specific decorations inside the aircraft such as towels or personalized cups.

Long distance trips for business trips

Businessmen are making their commissions easier by opting for private jet travel. They do this, in particular, in order to save time, to match their movements with their agendas and to adapt to a world that, from now on, stays connected at all times. Thanks to its speed and autonomy, this mode of transportation is suitable for high-ranking professionals or company executives who are often on the move. In addition, the infrastructure and service are suitable for long-distance travel. You can set up the cabins to improvise a small meeting aboard the plane or continue working with your computer during the trip. For a time of rest and relaxation, you will have tea, coffee, pastries and the press of the day. The most popular destination for business travelers is the British capital. London has more business trips than other countries. It is indeed, one of the hearts of the biggest commercial congresses.
To facilitate the choice of the company and the organization of a private business trip, you can call a broker, it will find a solution tailored to your needs, your schedule, the number of passengers if you come in group and your destination.

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